Trees for the Future: Join the Bespoke Woodland Movement

Embrace the spirit of conservation while enjoying the natural beauty and essence of the British Woodland in your own home. Our step-by-step guide ensures an effortless setup, from the organic husk base to the final campfire-style log arrangement. Make a difference today with your choice – it's time to turn the tide towards a vibrant, environmentally conscious tomorrow.

Adopt a greener way of living with our 'British Woodland' log set for electric fires. With every set sold, we're thrilled to contribute £5 to the Bespoke Woodland Fund. This vital fund symbolises our dedication to caring for the environment, specifically aimed at securing and maintaining British woodlands for ongoing tree planting and preservation activities.

Your choice to buy our British Woodland log set isn’t just a purchase—it’s a step towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can ensure the woodlands we treasure today continue to flourish for generations to come. Join us in our quest for a greener, more vibrant planet.

Experience the Authentic British Woodland in Your Home

  1. Start with Nature: Sprinkle the organic husk over your electric fire’s fuel bed, setting the stage for a natural woodland feel.
  2. Add Texture and Depth: Distribute clusters of mossland randomly atop the husk, creating a rich, multi-layered base.
  3. Enhance with Realism: Scatter charred chippings throughout the fuel bed, adding a touch of authenticity to your setup.
  4. The Finishing Touch: Begin placing logs at the centre of your fuel bed, stacking them in a campfire style. Gradually expand your log display to the sides, crafting a mesmerising, lifelike woodland scene in your own living space.

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