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British Woodland Luxe Logs

Elevate your electric fireplace experience with our British Woodland Luxe Logs. Meticulously designed for those with an eye for precision and elegance, these logs embody the essence of sophistication. Each piece is clean-cut and engineered to perfection, mirroring the serene beauty of British woodlands with a modern twist. Accompanied by a base adorned with organic husk, verdant green moss, and charred chippings, this collection promises to transform your space into a haven of luxury. Beyond beauty, we commit to sustainability; with every purchase, £5 is donated to the Bespoke Woodland Fund, aiding our journey towards a greener future. Experience the allure of the forest with a sleek, contemporary design that only British Woodland Luxe can offer.


  • Clean-Cut, Engineered Logs: A selection of premium logs designed for a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.
  • Organic Husk: Natural, eco-friendly material that adds texture and authenticity to the base.
  • Green Moss: Lush, verdant moss that brings a touch of nature's tranquility indoors.
  • Charred Chippings: Simulated charred wood pieces that enhance the realistic appearance of a well-used fire.
  • Sustainability Contribution: With each purchase, £5 is donated to the Bespoke Woodland Fund to support environmental sustainability.
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