Customer Stories

We believe every fireplace has a story and we are so proud to showcase some of our customer's stories. Our bespoke fireplaces are more than just a source of warmth; they're the heart of countless memorable moments and cherished homes. From celebrities to everyday heroes, our custom-designed fireplaces tell stories in homes across the UK.

Thuy Le with her Panoramic 2000

Thuy Le in front of her bespoke panoramic 2000

Jac Jossa and Dan Osbourne's family room with a Panoramic 2000

Jac Jossa and Dan Osbourne in front of their Bespoke Panoramic 2000

Kady McDermott with her Bespoke panoramic 2000

A lady stood in front of her Bespoke panoramic 2000

Liam Smith boxes clever with our Bespoke 2000

Stacey Solomon Costello Suite

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan prepare to unveil the Bespoke Panoramic 2000

Mark wright with his Bespoke panoramic 2000
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