Luxury marble suites

Elevate your space with our luxurious marble fireplace suites. Customise your electric fire experience with a selection of high-quality marble finishes, realistic log effects, and ambient lighting options. Blend elegance and modernity to create the perfect focal point for your home.

Nothing can add a luxury focal point to a room quite like a marble fireplace. The traditional designs have stood the test of time, while modern, contemporary styles provide an update for this elegant, luxurious material. Traditionally made for a living room or lounge area of your home but recently, bedroom electric fireplaces have become the must-have interior design accessory.

Our marble electric fireplace suites are of the highest standard, bringing our customers reliable, long-lasting products. All of our luxury marble suites are manufactured here at our fireplace factory, using the highest quality marble that has been sourced from around the globe by our skilled stone masons. Our experience in the industry is unrivaled with over 100 years of combined experience among our team.

Select your choice of marble suite

Aria Suite

Aspen Suite

Costello suite

Isabelle Suite

Madrida Suite

Zenith Suite

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